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Testimonials from Kester's Customers

Tom and Dianna, Grassy Knob near Beaver Lake, AR, June 2016
Many thanks to Kester's for repairing our a/c unit. The technician was professional, polite, and prompt. He took care of the problem in one visit at a very reasonable price. Kester's was recommended to us by our daughter and son-in-law who were very impressed with the service they received last year. It is good to know that there are people doing excellent work at affordable prices, and conducting business as it should be done! Many thanks! I am enjoying the cool!
Gary and Sandy, Bella Vista, AR, June 2016
We lost our AC over night on a Friday. One call to Kester's on Saturday morning and they were out here the same day. All the in-town-big name guys couldn't help until the following Wednesday. The culprit was a capacitor that the "biggest of the big names" quoted at $210. Kevin charged us $50. Also, Andy was as nice and professional as could be. Kester's instantly became our HVAC go-to guys!
Chris and Carol, Northwest Arkansas, March 2014
We couldn't be more pleased with Kester's Heating and Air from start to finish. Their price for top-of-the-line equipment was better than other quotes on lower grade equipment. Kevin and his team was punctual and professional with everything, and it was obvious that every member of his crew was very knowledgeable. The HVAC system is fantastic - nearly silent, and the temperature in the house never fluctuates. It's almost eerie how well it works. The inspector just left and his only comment was, "Oh wow - who did this? He really went above and beyond. You picked the right guy." He then proceeded to tell me all of the problems he sees with other HVAC installations. We would unequivocally endorse Kester's Heating and Air.
Brian and Laura, Garfield, AR
On a Sunday last August, when the temperature was over 100 degrees, our air conditioner decided to go out. We called Kester's and after doing 10 or more service calls, that same day he came over around 7pm and fixed our unit. He was very reasonably priced, and we definitely recommend Kester's to anyone who needs fast and honest service.
Bob and Denise, Lost Bridge Village
We purchased a house last summer (2011) that was in need of a new A/C unit. We received price quotes from several different companies that were all extremely expensive. Then we heard about Kevin Kester Heating and Air located in Garfield/Avoca. My wife called Kevin and he was right out. He worked hard to try a salvage our old unit, but it was too late. Kevin provided us a great price quote and did a wonderful job installing the inside and outside units. We recommend Kevin and his staff whenever possible. Great doing business with Kevin Kester! I just recommended Kevin to a coworker in need of a A/C repair or replacement.
James and Lou, Rogers, AR
For several weeks I needed to have a 1 1/2 ton unit installed in my office/mother-in-law apartment. Another compant quoted $4500 plus tax for this work but I could not get a committment for them to come look at the job and give me a price more in line with what I needed. $4500 was too much. I called several times and tried to make contact. I have actually been trying to get a response from this contracter since last summer. The Saturday before finding Kester I had the main company that hosts and brokers this work contact the contractor and he assured me that two of his men would get back with me that day. They never called.

I am on a personal leave from Wal-Mart Facilities Maintenance and was taking my wife to work one of the days that it had snowed. I happened to notice Kevin drive by and pulled his number off the side of his truck. He came over within hours and gave me a bid. He told me when he would be there to start.

He became aware of the fact that I work for Wal-Mart and with HVAC. I worked for monitoring for 5+ years and have been selected as one of six out of the department to participate in the Building Performance Team. I program and/or make adjustments to the programming of the Energy Management System for all Wal-Marts, Sams, and Neighborhood Markets for the HVAC, Lighting and Refridgeration. We selectively do system performance checks of stors and clubs in North America, including Puerto Rico. We report back the performance to the technicians and several depths and levels of management. For this reason I made it very clear that my experience and association with Wal-Mart helps me to evaluate potential contractors but in no way is connected to or influenced by my association with Wal-Mart.

Kevin Kester and Steve Reeves both let it be known that they are very familiar with Wal-Mart and at one time were employees of Walmart Facilities Maintenance. We agreed that we are all aware of and respect the Wal-Mart vusiness ethical code.

I can say that Kevin and Steve started on Tuesday, February 5th as agreed. I was very pleasantly surprised when on Thursday afternoon they were finishing up. I saved $800 in going with Kevin and Steve. We all agreed that this was a good deal for everyone. I have a Lennox brand system that I am very familiar with. (We use this manufacturer at Wal-Mart). The warranties are very good both from the Kester's Heating and Air and from the Manufacturers.

I will be giving a copy of this to the host company of the contractor that did not get the work. I have a lot of faith in the overall wisdom of this company. I, in fact, will be recommending that they contact Kester's to do their work in the future.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I give both these companies working independently or in tandem a 10.
Ed and Laura, Rogers, AR
Kester's was fast and professional in responding to my air conditioning needs this summer, serving my unit, giving me a couple of precious extra degrees of coolness, and saving me money by making my unit more efficient. Thanks Kevin!
Mike and Lana, Rogers, AR
I had Kester's Heating and Air service my AC this summer. I thought my AC was under performing and Kevin was very honest with me. He said it was working perfectly. He was very quick to respond and on time. Thanks for the great service. I will use them again.
Loyd and Sue, Garfield, AR
We have a newly built home and the air conditioner was leaking in the basement. Kester's was called and the unit had been put in the wrong way. After this was taken care of, in about an half an hour, the unit was working as it should have all along. We are thankful to have such a knowledgeable and honest company to call on. We are enjoying our new home!
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